Code Breakers

Discover a world of secrets and hidden messages.

For hundreds of years people have found ways to communicate without others finding out what their messages mean. Codes, cyphers, signals and invisible inks are just part of the secret world of spies, espionage and plotting. 

Now its your turn. Learn how to send and decode a range of secret messages and take part in the spy school challenge.

Morse Code

Discover the story of Samuel Morse, learn his famous code and use it to send secret messages and play games.


Use flags to send messages to guide your friends to victory in a range of command games.

Invisible Ink

Write messages in invisible ink and find out how to reveal the secret words.

Codes and Cyphers

Learn how to code and decode using a variety of different cyphers.

Can you solve the puzzles?

The Spy School Challenge

Put everything you have learnt into practice.

Compete in teams to breaks the codes, solve the puzzles and win the prize.