Mary Rose 2018

Education for Museums & Attractions

Make education work for your museum!

The aim of many museums is to educate visitors and provide information about the past. This can range from general visitors to the museum, such as families and enthusiasts, to school day openings, summer activities or even adult education, but how often is this offering left down the list of priorities? Time Seekers can help get your attraction up to speed with current education trends, and make it an attractive proposition to potential schools, colleges or adult courses to give you an extra income stream as well as ticking boxes for grants and outreach goals.

For schools, visits need to link in with the National Curriculum and be on topic for subjects the school is currently covering. Time Seekers work with teachers and schools as well as museums and can help get your education offering on track, with advice and training or full planning of activities and workshops.

Get in touch and see how Time Seekers can help your attraction get the most out of education!