Education in Museums

Education in Museums

Make education work for your museum!

From small village museums, who rely on a band of dedicated volunteers, to large attractions with a team of staff, every museum is different. But no matter how big or small an attraction, everyone has an important education role to play.

There are currently around 2,500 museums operating in the UK. Education in museums is a fundamental aspect and a key element of their purpose, but how often is this offering left down the list of priorities?

Whether catering for general visitors and families, enthusiasts, school days, summer activities or adult education, each sector is looking for a different style and emphasis to learning. It can be difficult to balance these very different learning needs, but Time Seekers can help to develop all aspects of heritage education.

We are experienced in working with both museum and education sectors to deliver high quality learning provision. You may already have education services in place, or be looking to start from scratch. Either way we can offer advice and guidance to ensure you meet current National Curriculum objectives and priorites, as well as help to advance adult learning.