School Topic Days

School Topic Days

Become an archaeologist and discover our past!

Whether you are looking for a fun way to start a new topic, or an enrichment which will bring history to life for your class, a Time Seekers Topic Day has something for you.

Designed to develop key historical skills, each day is planned to be fun, creative and give you and your students the chance to experience what the past was really like – warts and all!

Get your hands dirty with real archaeological activities and artefacts!

Working with an archaeologist, explore Britain’s past from the ancient Stone Age, through invading Romans, to the industrious Victorians. Alternatively, get to grips with wider global history with a day focused on the mysterious Maya. 

Through your own investigations, uncover fascinating facts and learn how historical evidence is gathered and interpreted to paint a vivid picture about the people who lived through historical times.

Time Seekers Topic Days provide the opportunity for children to explore archaeology and history in a practical, hands on way. All of our Topic Days are designed to align with National Curriculum objectives and are planned by a qualified teacher. But while they are educational you can expect plenty of fun!

Currently, our in school Topic Days are only available for Sussex and Hampshire. If you are located outside of this area why not try an Online Virtual School Visit.

How to Design Your Topic Day

Time Seekers understands that every school and every class is different. As such our range of Topic Days can be tailored to suit age, interests and prior learning. 

Follow the steps to design the best Topic Day for your class.

Design Steps

1. Explore the range of specialist workshops available for your chosen topic. These are the sessions taught by the visiting archaeologist and include time for questions and artefacts handling experiences.

New specialist sessions will continue to be added and if there is a particular aspect of a topic you would like to focus on talk to Time Seekers about possibilities.

2. Look through the range of extra activities available for your Topic. Choose 2-3 extra sessions that will best compliment your chosen specialist sessions.

These extra sessions will be provided and set up by Time Seekers. They will then be available throughout the day for Class Teachers to explore with their individual classes.

3. Once you have made your selection of workshop sessions contact Time Seekers to discuss the timetable of your day and finalise the final details.


Prices are based on classes of up to 32 children. If your school or class does not fit this pricing structure please get in contact with Time Seekers to discuss Topic Day options.


1 Class 2 Classes 3 Classes
£325 £395 £465

Extra resources costs are applicable to some of the extra sessions. See the session pages for more information.