Education Consultancy Services

Education Consultancy Services

Think your education provision is a little out of date?

Want to develop it in line with National Curriculum objectives and new school priorities?

Time Seekers offers education consultation and services for heritage attractions. We can provide guidance and support for all forms of education and specialise in developing learning for schools, planning events, activities and workshops to consistently high standards.

If you are looking to update or create a permanent learning catalogue, develop summer scheme initiatives, put on event days or tailor a learning program around a temporary exhibition Time Seekers has something to offer to all ages.

Whether you are a large museum looking for fresh ideas or a small attraction looking to start or develop your learning program, get in touch and see how Time Seekers can help you get the most out of education!

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School Workshops

Create new workshop activities that will inspire classes and teacher alike. Make your permanent education catalogue a must visit for all, with ideas that teachers will never have thought of that aline securely with National Curriculum targets.


Summer Schemes

Looking to develop or add to your current education provision with fun, exciting summer schemes? 

Time Seekers offers a range of activities for summer scheme days or weekly clubs throughout the major summer school holiday.


Museum Clubs

Inspire a love of history and archaeology from a young age. Time Seekers run a range of clubs and activities for evenings and weekends. From metal detecting to facial reconstruction and much much more we can tailor activities to suit any attraction.


Temporary Exhibition Education

Are you getting ready to put on a temporary exhibition? Time Seekers can create bespoke education plans for temporary exhibitions to inspire all ages.


Multi-School Projects

Education can be a big as you want it to be. Work with several schools at once, for a specific event day or over several weeks to complete a joint education experience, investigation task or historical project.


Adult Education

Open up your education provision and find out how you could encourage a wider range of adult education. From lectures and study days to tours and seminars, learning can be a life long fascination.