History & Archaeology Education for Schools and Museums

Let's talk history!

We are now offering Virtual School Visits through Zoom for years 2-6. Let your class ask an archaeologist their questions and enrich a variety of history topics from the Stone Age to Romans and Vikings to Tudors.



History doesn't just live in books!

Dive into the past with Time Seekers to explore and experience how our ancestors lived, from prehistory through to more modern times.

Meet fascinating personalities including warrior Kings and Queens, Romans and the ancient Mayans. Investigate how they lived and discover the stories they have to tell.

All activities are designed to be fun and inspiring giving everyone the chance to experiment and get hands-on with history.


School Clubs & Topic Days

Give your students the chance to become an archaeologist!

Discover Britain's past with Time Seekers History and Archaeology Topic Days and after school clubs. Go metal detecting to see what you can find. Try facial reconstruction and come face to face with people from the past. Experiment to see if you can solve problems conquered by our ancestors.

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Fascinating History & Archaeology Lectures

Suitable for adults of all levels of knowledge, interest or experience, our historical talks and lectures provide a fascinating insight into history, from an archaeological point of view. 

Discover treasures saved by the waves and see how they influence our thinking of how people lived and worked hundreds, or even thousands, of years ago. Journey through the history of archery and see how it became key to Britain's survival and society. Meet key historical figures who helped to influence their time and hear the stories they have to tell.

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Museum Education

Make education work for your museum!

Time Seekers can help get your attraction up to speed with current education trends and make it an attractive proposition to schools, colleges or adult courses. An effective education strategy can give you an extra income stream, tick boxes for grants and outreach goals as well as helping to increase your overall visitor numbers.