Parent and Child Prehistory Day

This summer, become an archaeologist!

Experience the world of prehistoric Britain. Discover how our ancestors lived and worked in a world drastically different to our own. Handle real artefacts, discover the foods available and weave a Bronze Age cloth!

This course is open to parent and child partners through Aspire. To enrol go to the Aspire website.


Explore Archaeology

Fun school clubs to explore our historical past and learn archaeological techniques

Saved by the Waves

A fascinating lecture on how waterlogged preservation and archaeology has developed our understanding of life and society in the past.


School Topic Days

Start or finish your topics with a bang! Our educational topic days for schools provide inspirational and interactive ways to explore the past

Discover the past with Time Seekers

Explore history though our before and after school clubs or find out about archaeology through our historical talks and lectures. We also offer advice to museums and attractions on how best to approach educational visits.