Virtual History & Archaeology School Visits

Virtual History & Archaeology School Visits

Enrich your school history topics with an online virtual meeting with an archaeologist

Let's talk history!

Time Seekers' Virtual School Visits are a great way to enrich your history topics, especially during times when arranging school trips or in-school visitors may not be possible. Delivered through Zoom, these sessions are suitable for years 2-6 and will give your children the opportunity to ask questions of an archaeologist from their classroom chairs.

Download the Virtual School Visits Brochure


The Sessions 

Each session will include the following;

Welcome and Introduction

Meet the archaeologist you will be speaking to and find out more about them and their archaeological background.

A Short Talk

This talk will focus on archaeology in general or on a specific history topic. It will include a presentation on the chosen subject, pictures of key archaeological sites and a look at a range of artefacts relating to the period of interest.


Students can ask questions about the topic they are studying or about archaeology in general. It is advisable for younger children to think of questions they would like to ask prior to the online session.

Delivery, Time and Prices

Time:45 minutes
First Session:£75
Additional Sessions:£55 (if booked for the same day)

Sessions can be booked on a Monday or Tuesday between 9am and 2pm. 

Each session will be delivered by a fully DBS checked archaeologist and teacher. No session will be recorded.

Example price structure

Number of Sessions1st Class SessionExtra Class Sessions
(Booked on the same day)

Requirements for the Session

ZoomDownload Zoom to a laptop or computer which is linked with a smart board, interactive white board or other viewing screen. 
Audio LinkA link from the controlling computer to speakers.
Web CamSessions can run without a web cam but we can provide a better experience if the archaeologist is able to see the class. To use a web cam, enable the video from the Zoom controls and position the webcam near to or above the viewing screen. 

Zoom Check

Prior to an online visit, a quick Zoom Check can be held between Time Seekers and the school to ensure all links, sound and video are working correctly.