History & Archaeology Adult Education

History & Archaeology Adult Education

Time Seekers provides history education and experiences for all, regardless of age or previous experience.

Our series of fascinating lectures and talks cover a range of archaeological and historical topics and are ideal for adult groups such social groups, societies or residential homes.

Historical & Archaeological Talks

See below for our range of available talks.

Talks can be run both formally and informally and can be booked to include artefact handling opportunities. Alternatively, if your group is based outside of West Sussex, or if booking on site visitors is not a possibility at the moment, the talks can all be run as online virtual visits over Zoom. Talks can be run as a series or as individual sessions.

Prices and Times

Evening Talk 1 Hour £95 Must be within West Sussex
Evening Talk + Artefact Handling 1 Hour £120 Must be within West Sussex
Online Virtual Visit 1 Hour £75 Available in all locations
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