What was history like?

What was history like?

Step into key periods of history and explore both the archaeological and historical evidence

Take a look at artefacts – many real – from key periods in history and discuss what they can tell us about life in these often vastly different times.



An Age Before Records

The oldest and longest period of our human history, prehistory covers all ages prior to written records. In Britain, this includes all history before the Roman invasion of 43CE. In this talk, find out more about these fascinating times including the foods that were available, construction of their houses and religious sites and the vastly different culture in which the communities lived. Learn how to extract information about past lives from the artefacts they left behind and interpret them to better understand what this ancient time was like.


The Romans

Influence of an Empire

The Roman Empire stretched across Europe, the Mediterranean and into the northern realms of Africa. It finally reached the shores of Britain in the first century CE and changed the way life was led here forever. In this talk, find out more about how the Empire was run, the inventions created, the culture it introduced and how it has altered the landscape of the UK to present day.


The Ancient Maya

Stars, Sacrifice & Chocolate

Deep in the forests of central America stand the remains of one of the most sophisticated societies of the ancient world: The Ancient Maya. A society vastly different from our own, find out more about daily life in a Mayan community, the inventions they created, construction of their houses, temples and observatories and the culture that defined them.


The Vikings

Vicious Raiders or Intrepid Explorers?

In this talk, follow in the footsteps of the Vikings and discover how they made their mark across the world. Known for their legendary violent raids, learn about the culture that inspired them and the extent of their ambitious journeys across the seas.


The Tudors

Tyrants or Innovators?

Meet the key players from our most famous royal dynasty. The 16th century was a time of great change and cultural development. Discover the origins of the Tudor family, the convoluted route they took to the throne and the many changes they made whilst in power. This was the age of the renaissance, filled with progressive new ideas, inventions and motivations.