Incredible Historical Stories

Incredible Historical Stories

History is full of amazing individuals who lived extraordinary lives.

Discover stories of prominent and fascinating characters from history, redolent with bravery, compassion, ruthlessness and daring. If you love biographies, these talks will be right up your street!


Margaret Beaufort

The Mother of the Tudors

In the late 15th century, opportunities for girls were limited and never more so than for girls with royal blood. Margaret's life was mapped out for her. Her power and identity was always to be connected to the men in her family. However, her ruthless determination and sheer intelligence have meant that today Margaret is remembered as the Mother of the Tudors. In this talk, find out how Margaret went from a girl bride to the matriarch of the most famous royal dynasty.


Nancy Wake

A Special Operations Executive Agent

Discover the daring story of Nancy Wake, one of SOE's finest agents. From Nancy's personal history with the occupation of France, her drive to help the resistance in any possible way she could and her eventual inclusion into one of the most secret organisations of the war years. Nancy's story is one of incredible courage, and an enduring enthusiasm for living life to its fullest.


The Amesbury Archer

A Bronze Age Traveller

Thousands of years before the Romans arrived, traders and adventurers from European communities travelled to Britain's shores. Their journeys where often both dangerous and exciting during times which where vastly different to our own. In this talk, follow an ancient ancestor from the beginning of his journey in the mountains of Europe to its culmination in the fields of Salisbury. Discover how he travelled, the sights he would likely have seen and why he never returned to his far away homeland.