Archaeological Sites

Archaeological Sites

Discover some of the most fascinating archaeological sites and historical places of the British Isles.

Justly famous for their unparalleled historical significance, find out how they were uncovered, excavated, interpreted and are now preserved for future generations to enjoy.



Stonehenge is one of the most iconic archaeological sites in the UK. Over 1 million visitors travel to see the stone monument every year and its enigmatic beauty has inspired multiple legends and folk-law tales. During this talk, find out more about the archaeological investigations that have helped us to better understand these quietly magnificent stones structures.

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Skara Brae

In 1850, a huge storm swirled around the Orkney Islands. Its power scattered a long established sand dune in the Bay of Skaill, revealing the outline of an ancient village. Since then the village of Skara Brae has provided archaeologists with a huge diversity of information about what life was like in Neolithic Orkney. In this talk, find out more about the ordinary day to day life of this long distance community.

Mary Rose Ship

The Mary Rose

In 1545, King Henry VIII watched as his favourite warship sank into the murky waters of the Solent. There she lay, until in 1982, she was brought to the surface by an extraordinary maritime archaeology project. In this talk, discover her story from the earliest days of her Tudor service, her sinking and salvage, to her place in modern archaeology as a treasure trove of Tudor historical information.