Introduction to Archaeology Workshop

Introduction to Archaeology Workshop

Inspire your students to love history!


Explore archaeology in a fun practical way

This workshop provides a great introduction to archaeology, currently available at a discounted price of £200!

Handle both primary and secondary artefacts and discover how they are recorded and used to tell archaeological stories.

Roman Flask

Workshop activities include:

  • Timelines
  • Artefact handling
  • Primary and Secondary sources
  • Artefact recording
  • Experimental Archaeology

Workshop Running Time

The workshop runs for 1 hour per class and can be provided for up to three seperate classes on the same day.


Book Your Workshop

Contact us now to book your introduction to archaeology workshop for just £200.

Regular price: £295

Our in school workshops are currently only avalible in Sussex and Hampshire. If you are located outside this area why not try an online Virtual Visit?

The introductory offer price only applys to the first bookng day. Subsequent bookings will be charged at the normal rate.