Archaeology Day

Archaeology Day

Pick up the trowel and dig into archaeology!

Archaeology is the study of the human past through the physical remains left behind. Combining archaeological excavation and documentary research the discipline pieces together the jigsaw of history from yesterday to the deepest Palaeolithic.

No matter your historical topic this session can be tailored to fit. During this Topic Day, students will be taught how to think like archaeologists and how to apply their new skills to their current historical topic. Through a mixture of science, experimentation and investigation students will learn the skills of historical enquiry and experience what it is like to work in the profession of archaeology.



How Does Archaeology Work?

Experience the profession of archaeology. 

Get your hands on a range of real artefacts, from ancient prehistoric axes to beautiful victorian jewellery, and learn how archaeologists extract clues about the past from them.

Every artefact has a story to tell, what will you find out?



Metal Detecting

Join the hunt! Learn how to use a real metal detector and test it out with your friends. Who can find the most?



Excavation and Recording

Try your hand at the core skills of an archaeologist. Learn how to excavate and record archaeologically and get your hands on both real and replica artefacts from a range of time periods.



Interpretation and Presentation

How does archaeology end up in museums? Who puts all the information together? In this session have a go at interpreting an archaeological site and designing your own museum exhibition. 



Experimental Archaeology

Experimental archaeology is the construction of historical artefacts to find out how they were made and used. Have a go yourself with a range of experimental archaeology activities. For more information about the options available contact Time Seekers.