SOE: Setting Europe Ablaze

Winston Churchill - "Set Europe Ablaze"

During the Second World War, the allied forces were supported by an ultra secretive initiative called the SOE. These male and female operatives were trained in espionage, sabotage and resistance, before being dropped behind enemy lines to, in Churchill’s words, set Europe ablaze. 

In this topic day, investigate how they set about their tasks, explore the training they underwent and discover their stories. 


Setting Europe Ablaze

In this session, discover how the allied agents set about achieving their directive from Churchill. Through archaeological artefacts, historical sources and personal stories follow in the footsteps of a group of individuals who paved the way for the allied forces.



Code Breaking

Learn simple codes used by SOE agents to communicate with each other and their allied handlers, before trying your hand at creating coded messages.



Fake Documents

Explore the range of fake documents needed and created by SOE agents and have a go at producing them yourself.


Evade and Capture

Learn the advanced art of hide and seek, with evade and capture games and put your freedom on the line.


Mapping and Compass Skills

Study the maps of SOE territory and plot courses for them to follow.