The Vikings: Pirate Raiders

The Vikings: Pirate Raiders

Pirate Raiders?

In 793 CE a new group of raiders arrived on England’s shores. They were the axe welding, longship sailing Vikings, who poured from their ships onto the beach and sacked the Anglo-Saxon monastery one Lindisfarne. From this first interaction the Vikings became a pivotal influence on our culture, language and way of life. 

In this Topic Day, explore their world using the skills of an archaeologist. Discover the people behind the longships - their love of games, adventure and exploration. Investigate why they went of the many raids, which have characterised our modern perception of them and have a go at experimental archaeology experience their way of life.



Is it fair to call the Vikings Pirate Raiders?

During this session, students will have the chance to handle a range of Viking artefacts. Using archaeological techniques they will investigate their own historical question ‘Is it fair to call the Vikings Pirate Raiders?’. Using the sources in front of them, they will explore the evidence and come to their own conclusions. 



Viking Games and Sports

The Vikings loved games and sports of any kind. In this session, have a go at playing a range of board games, sports and contests that were particular Viking favourites. 



Viking Art and Design

Craftsmanship was highly valued in the Viking world. Metalworkers, carvers, sculptures and jewellery makers were common occupations. In this session, explore their work and try your hand at Viking art and design.



Home Crafts

Everything the Vikings had they would made themselves. Home crafts would have been invaluable as they produced the clothing, toys and other everyday materials needed by everyone. In this session, try your hand at the skills needed to be an ordinary Viking.



Viking Myths, Legends and Sagas

The Vikings had a rich culture based around stories of their gods and histories. Discover the heart of Viking life through the legends that they left behind.