Archery Club

Archery Club

Become one of Robin Hood’s merry men. Learn to shoot a bow and discover how the legendary archers of medieval times trained. Have a go at the games they used to practice their skills and take part in a final tournament against your friends.

Leaf Arrow


In the middle ages men like Robin Hood were everywhere. Bowmen were a key part of Britain and were very highly respected. Boys trained from the age of 7 to become a skilled marksman, and now you could too. Learn to shoot the bow in the style of the middle ages.

Broad Head Arrow

Learning to Shoot

Develop your shooting skills and play games, which medieval boys would have played. Compete against your friends and see who is the best shot.

Half Moon Arrow

Novice Archer

Now you can shoot, see if you can master the skills of an archer at a higher level. Play a new set of games, which will test your distance shooting and accuracy. All medieval boys would have grown up playing similar games. See how good you would have been. 

Leaf Bodkin

Advanced Class 1

Move up to advanced shooting. Play the practice games used by the archers of medieval Britain. See who can become the best archer on the training field.

Fire Basket Arrow

Archery Accessories

Discover the people behind the bow. Have a go at making your own targets, designing your own training games and make your own arrow pencil to take home.

Swallow Arrow

Roving Shoots

Play the ultimate training game, which would have been used by many archers of the medieval period. Pick your own targets and move around the room to make sure you get them all.

Needle Nosed Bodkin

Silver Arrow Shoot

In the style of Robin Hood, compete in the Silver Arrow tournament. Test your skills against your friends. Who will be the best new archery candidate.