School Clubs & Topic Days

Become an archaeologist and discover Britain's past!

Work with a qualified archaeologist to explore history from prehistory to modern day, including the Iron Age, Romans, Tudors and Victorians and see how people lived in the past.

Our clubs and topic days are designed to align with the National Curriculum. But while they are educational you can expect plenty of fun. Get your hands dirty with real archaeological activities and artefacts, as well as investigations to uncover fascinating facts from the history of Britain. 

Artefacts display

Handle artefacts from history and discover how they hold clues to people’s lives

Memorial mosaic at Chester

Have a go at experimental archaeology – make Iron Age pottery, Roman mosaics, amulets and curses, or Medieval desserts

Pot fragment

Learn how to excavate real artefacts and use mini microscopes to look closely at the past

Mellyondd excavation

Peer beneath the soil using metal detecting and pictures from new technologies

Lego catapult

Build and test catapults to storm the tower

Mary Rose - skull

Try your hand at facial reconstruction to see how people from history might have looked

Entrance to Beaumaris Castle

Hear stories as told by our ancestors of bravery, mystery and love